IT’S OFFICIAL! Are proud as punch to announce our very own IPHONE APP. That’s right folks THE BARTENDER HATES YOU interactive is in the house! The best part is it is absolutely FREE!! Download it! Rate it! Give us good reviews!! And most importantly, TELL EVERYONE!!!!

We couldn’t have done it without the amazing Lee Sammartino over at Ikonic Tonic.  They took our idea and raw pieces and shaped it into this masterpiece of awesome.  We owe you bigtime brother!!


After suffering through countless “Shit people say” videos, we thought it was only fair to through our own spin on the meme. Shit People Say before they get shot in the face should just about be the nail in the coffin for that meme. If were doing it, it must be lame.


All across the globe, game controllers are suffering at the hands of careless owners. These jubilant joypads provide us with endless hours of fun and adventure, and in return we abuse their love, which leads to humiliation and sometimes even destruction. Please help Generation Awesome and Machinima stop this senseless abuse and begin the healing. It’s time to CONTROLLER YOURSELF! Won’t you? For the children!!!

Our good friends over at Machinima have been kind enough to feature our message on their glorious site. So get on over there and watch the video!!


Hot on the heels of our bomb track “High on the sheen” the Awesome throw down some fresh jams with our hotest to date, DRY HUMPIN! An ode to the lost art of Dry Humping. Get your hump on and share it with someone you love. Bow to the awesome.


We have been hard at work in the kitchen coming up with something wonderful for you kiddies. This is 100% pure tigerblood, folks! Look at the way it shines! Who’s winning now? We have been joined by the hilarious Trish Geiger, Katie L. Hall, and always sexy Sergia Louise Anderson (as the SHEENIX)! Pass this video around! We want to blow up the SHEEN FEST 2011! Click the banner to watch the video!
Now available on ITUNES the uncensored single!!!
High On the Sheen - Single - Generation Awesome


We have all had it happen, An old friend calls up and wants to chat and you go through that uncomfortable conversation that leads to the inevitable pitch. It has to be stopped! Join us in our crusade to educate our friends that we are not a source for making them rich and NO ONE but the ones at the top of the pyramid ever see any dough. FUCKING STOP!!


Generation Awesome presents a new badass short film from the mind of G.B.Young, the DIRECTOR who saw AVATAR! Starring Noah Applebaum (Internet Crap) and Patrick Gallagher (Entourage, Glee, True Blood)

“SO INTENSE” – Double Rainbow guy


“YOU MADE THAT!” – James Allen Smith, director of FLOORED and MY NAME IS SMITH
If you see one stupid web short this year, your internet is too slow!!

Generation Awesome, is proud as punch to bring you another round of your favorite bartender dishing out justice to the drunken masses. This time around we were honored to have such amazing folks in our midsts as Patrick Gallagher from the hit show GLEE and TRUE BLOOD, as well as countless other movie rolls, GET EM PATRICK! And we had our good friend Santio Rice who is always a blast to work with. Thank you tall all of the fine actors and crew that came out and made the day run like glass. We shot this round at the beautiful Dillon’s Irish Pub on Hollywood and Vine. Be sure to stop in to their place and get good service. The mini site is coming soon but for now you can watch them in our playlist on you tube by clicking PLAY THE LIST

Generation Awesome, having spent time in the trenches of the Hollywood bar scene, have gathered their favorite war stories and brought them to life, THE BARTENDER HATES YOU. Join us as we shine a light on the hidden feelings that burn beneath the surface of that person you are spitting your drink orders too. Alan Stephens stars as the Bartender we all wish we could be. The first 12 episodes are online now at most fine video hosting sites. TBHY has been featured on COMEDY CENTRAL’S TOSH.0, BUTTERFINGERS COMEDY NETWORK, REVVER LIVE, COLLEGE HUMOR, METACAFE, FUNNY OR DIE, and YOUTUBE.  Remember, tip your bartender, they might cut you if you don’t.

From the Greatest Generations Greatest Actor, we couldn’t be more proud. Thanks to Cris Borgnine for hooking that up. Cris and his son anthony have worked on and appeared in our films and Cris is preparing for the leading roll in our top secret new webseries coming soon.

We are super stoked to announce “The Bartender hates you 9″ is was featured on the Premiere Episode of Comedy Central’s new show TOSH.0, a series that takes on everything the Internet has to offer through comedian Daniel Tosh’s sarcastic and biting point-of-view. Look for the ample re-runs that are bombing the airwaves or just check them out on our new mini-site. Either way, afterwards log on to the shows website and blast those forums telling them you want to see more! Thanks Tosh!

Two roommates, bound in the eternal struggle of living in a small North Hollywood Apartment, find themselves pitted against each other when ice and trash collide. Two men enter, one man gets his ass kicked and leaves after the other guy, and he will probably limp on his way out too. But! Is this the end? Or merely the beginning. Round One, FIGHT! Relive the Glory on our totaly sweet minisite created by Danny over at ModernLogicStudios. Click on the image above or go to our video section and FEEL THE MAGIC!!

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